Factory Workers Wanted in Canada: Are you looking for Factory Jobs in Canada? If so, this article will assist you in locating firms in Canada that are recruiting manufacturing workers.

Hundreds of industrial businesses are looking for factory workers, and many of them are willing to hire immigrants. If you wish to work in a manufacturing in Canada, read this essay thoroughly. In Canada, factory workers are needed.

If you go through the agencies employing factory workers in Canada, you will have no trouble finding an appealing firm seeking factory workers. There are a number of top recruiting firms in Canada that offer job placement services to both local people and foreign immigrants..

Hiring Factory Worker In Canada | 5000+ Job Vacancies

If you just immigrated to Canada on a Working Holiday visa or through Canada Express Entry, you may be eligible to work in a factory as a skilled or unskilled worker. In Canada, factory workers are needed.

Most of Canada’s main provinces and cities, such as Toronto, Ontario, Calgary, Scarborough, Brampton, and Edmonton, are employing factory employees. Because the production and manufacturing industries are increasingly employing many employees, you must carefully examine job descriptions and fundamental criteria before applying.

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Factory Workers Wanted In Canada 2022

Factory Workers Wanted In Canada
Factory Workers Wanted In Canada

The majority of factory employees are employed in the manufacturing units. They are jointly accountable for the manufacturing of the final items produced by their firm. Their primary tasks include completing light item labor, keeping the workplace clean, and reaching a minimum production level set by their supervisor or company.

In Canada, typical factory employees manufacture enormous amounts of items. Factory workers may be required to work in shifts such as the first, second, or third.

As a factory’s workload grows, workers may be required to work longer hours. Factory workers may have the choice of working part-time or full-time. At most cases, they work in a manufacturing facility or a warehouse.

Latest Factory Job And Recruitment: Hiring In Canada 2022

The most recent job openings in JobBank Canada are shown below. In Canada, the majority of industrial and manufacturing firms hire factory employees and assistance. We have over 5000 manufacturing worker positions in Canada that you can apply for below:

Factory Helper101CanadaApply Now
 Factory Labourer145CanadaApply Now
Packaging Worker52CanadaApply Now
Manufacturing Worker10CanadaApply Now
Elemental Worker69CanadaApply Now
 General Labourer6672CanadaApply Now
Food and Beverage Production Worker1941CanadaApply Now
Plastic Composite Woker3CanadaApply Now
Construction Worker98CanadaApply Now
 Textile Factory Worker1CanadaApply Now


Factory employees are often expected to have at least a high school diploma or similar in terms of credentials. Physically, they must be able to stand and walk for lengthy periods of time, as well as meet the national minimum weight requirements. Additionally, the ability to solve simple logical math problems and adhere to all health and safety regulations is required.

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Biscuit Factory Helper102CanadaApply Now
Chocolate Factory Helper104CanadaApply Now
Cheese factory worker6CanadaApply Now
Food Processing Worker12CanadaApply Now
Labourer, general – manufacturing99Quebec, CanadaApply Now
 General Labour269Quebec, CanadaApply Now
Factory labourer – manufacturing12Quebec, CanadaApply Now
Helper, factory83Quebec, CanadaApply Now
Cheese factory worker5Quebec, CanadaApply Now

Average Salary Of Factory Workers In Canada

Factory workers and laborers earn different salaries depending on the firm. Salary is determined by the type of employment, working shift, difficulty, and risk. However, the following is the average pay provided by Canadian factories:

Hourly RateC$12 – C$24
BonusC$500 – C$1,650 Annually
Profit SharingC$0 – C$400
Total Annual PayoutC$24,484 – C$50,860 Annually

Here is the list of average factory worker salary (hourly rate):

An entry-level Factory Worker having 1 year or less work experience can expect to earn average total wages (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of C$14.60 per hour. An early career Factory Worker having the experience of 1-4 years can earn an average wage of C$14.91 per hour.

Similarly, a mid-career Factory Worker in Canada having the experience of 5-9 years can earn an average salary of C$18.16 per hour. And, the most experienced and veteran Factory Worker the experience of 10-19 years can earn an average wage of C$17.50 per hour.

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How To Apply For Factory Jobs In Canada

Candidates who want to apply for factory jobs in Canada must have to follow the hiring process recommended by the factory. The application process may be online, so you need to submit an online job application from their career page, or you have to submit a handwritten job application via mail.

So, check and read all the job information provided on each job title very carefully and find their hiring and recruitment process. Most of the companies in Canada are hiring factory workers using the online application form. So, you need to enter your personal details, education details, previous work experience. After that, you have to submit your latest CV with a cover letter.

If you still have any questions regarding the hiring factory workers in Canada and latest job vacancies, please submit a feedback on comment section below.

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